Considering a home movers mortgage? Here are tips on how to make your house move stress free. 


How to Make Your House Move Stress Free

So you’re moving house, perhaps onwards and upwards, to a bigger place, much more suitable for your growing family. It’s an exciting time. Not only do you have the opportunity to make that new house into your very own home, you’ll also become part of a new community. But let’s face it – the nuts and bolts of moving are not entirely pleasant. It can be stressful, especially when you’re trying to balance work, kids and general day-to-day hurdles in between. We’ve gathered some top tips here to help make the whole process easier for you. 

A Little Planning Goes a Long Way 


It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when you realise you’re about to embark on a big move. Don’t worry though, just set an evening aside with yourself and/or significant other and make a list of what needs to be done in order of importance. You’ll need to consider things like what mover to use, when you can fit time in to your schedule to pack, where you will source your packing materials, and what quantity of packing materials will you need. You’ll also likely need to give your current home one final deep clean before vacating. Once you have a rough plan on paper, the whole thing won’t seem as daunting. 

Lighten the Load 


Moving home is an ideal time to rid yourself of clutter, which means anything around the house gathering dust that you just don’t need. It’s a fact of life that we tend to regularly collect things and allow them to build up, and generally, daily life is too hectic for unprompted weekend clear outs. So use this opportunity wisely. Be ruthless – ask yourself, could I live without this? If the answer is yes, consider saying goodbye. You will thank yourself when you arrive at your new residence and have a totally blank canvas to work from – and no piles of unnecessary clutter weighing you down. 

Give Yourself Time 


Although your planning list will help organise what tasks you need to do and roughly when, you need to make sure you’re being realistic about giving yourself adequate amounts of time to see it all through. Looking at it on paper, you may feel you’ll be able to fit it all in on weekends and even the odd evening after work – but you shouldn’t sacrifice every window of free time for this move.

To keep the process as stress-free as possible, it’s crucial you continue going to that weekly Pilates class, helping the kids with their homework after school, even meeting your friend for that glass of wine on a Friday. It may sound excessive, but you might be best booking some days off work to help give you the breathing room needed to get it all done in the timeframe you have. No point in exhausting yourself for weeks and feeling frazzled when you reach your new residence. Remember, it’s all about balance. 

Are You Saving for a Mortgage? 

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